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Project Overview

Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors, founded in 1821, boasts a wealth of over two centuries of experience and proficiency. With offices strategically located in Liverpool, Warrington, and Runcorn, they extend their exceptional legal services to clients throughout the North West and beyond. Recognized for their excellence, they have earned awards for their expertise in conveyancing, criminal defense, family law, wills, probate, and lasting power of attorney.


Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors


200+ new first page rankings

283% increase in organic users

105% increase in leads generated


Initially, Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors’ website primarily attracted leads through branded search terms. Upon their outreach to us, the existing organic traffic was notable, especially from searches related to various iterations of their brand name. This positive trend was a result of a well-executed PR strategy over several years.

However, a comprehensive analysis of their Google Search Console and Google Analytics revealed a concerning trend: non-branded traffic was declining, and their presence on the first page for key legal areas and locations was diminishing.

Our SEO team promptly recognized the need for content and authority building. The strategy aimed to align with both user expectations and search engine criteria, reinforcing the firm’s expertise and authoritative standing in the legal domain.


Bell Lamb & Joynson sought the expertise of an SEO agency to develop a robust content and linking strategy, aiming to regain ground against their competitors.

Our team eagerly embraced the challenge, initiating a comprehensive technical audit, content audit, content gap analysis, and conducting keyword research focused on the four primary legal areas of emphasis.

Following the identification of technical opportunities, we implemented fixes such as enhancing site speed, rectifying broken internal and external links, and capitalizing on missed clustering opportunities.

With the technical aspects addressed, our content team revamped service pages, crafted new informative blog posts, and created location pages tailored to rank in the specified geographic targets.

While the website had a respectable backlink profile, it was predominantly branded. To diversify and strengthen the link profile, our outreach team collaborated with vendors and related industries, strategically incorporating contextual links into blog posts and supporting pages.

Outstanding Outcomes

Following the implementation of our technical enhancements, the initiation of the new content strategy, and the establishment of contextual backlinks, there was a noticeable surge in organic visibility within just three months.

The location page strategy proved highly successful, propelling the client to top rankings in all “solicitors [area]” searches across the North-West of England. Furthermore, the acquisition of rich snippets for both local and national keywords significantly expanded their reach, generating highly relevant leads on a larger scale than previously experienced.

Fast forward one year, Bell Lamb & Joynson’s website now claims first-page rankings for all local search terms. Presently, our focus has shifted towards devising a strategy to propel them beyond regional success, enabling them to outpace national competitors and establish dominance in the UK-wide rankings, transcending their local prominence.

Page Ranking

More than hundreds keyword ranked



Increased Organic Traffic

Achieved a 50% increase in organic traffic within a few months



Leads Generated

Achieved 105% News Leads



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