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Why Your Website Need SEO?

Search Position

Gain insights into effective SEO strategies to improve your search position and stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Target Market

Discover effective techniques for researching and segmenting your target market to build strong customer relationships, and achieve long-term success in your industry.

Best Strategy

Gain insights into strategic planning techniques, including market research, SWOT analysis, and competitive analysis, to optimize decision-making and propel your business towards success.

Reach Customers Actively Seeking Your Products

Target UsersSearching for Your Offerings


Google Search Drives of Global Web Traffic

In today's digital age, customers rely on Google to find businesses like yours when they're ready to buy. However, a staggering 75% of people never go beyond the first page of search results. This means that if your business isn't ranked highly, you become invisible to customers while your competitors thrive. That's where SEO comes in. By boosting your ranking, SEO drives targeted traffic and leads to your website, increasing your chances of converting with high purchase intent. Secure a top spot and regain visibility with effective SEO strategies.

Partner with a comprehensive agency that

Manages Every Aspectof your needs

Collaborate with a full-service agency that covers all your requirements, including content creation, link-building strategy, Google Ads management, and social media presence, ensuring a comprehensive PPC & SEO solution that delivers guaranteed results.

Throughout the entire process, we provide clear explanations of our actions, the reasoning behind them, and the expected outcomes. We believe in transparency and involve you in every step of the journey toward generating traffic and achieving your goals.

Our team consists of industry experts who excel in their respective fields, combining their skills to produce outstanding results. We attribute our success to a well-established methodology and unwavering attention to even the smallest details.

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ROI & GOALFocused

We alleviate the burden of establishing your online presence, enabling you to concentrate on your core strength: managing your business effectively.

Full SUITE of Audits

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Campaign Strategy

Full SEO Package

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

We don't sell services only

We also provideSOLUTIONS

About Us

We Are The Best Digital Marketing & SEO Consulting Agency in Town

Having gained extensive experience in the SEO industry, I possess in-depth knowledge of effective techniques and pitfalls to avoid. My expertise has enabled numerous businesses to enhance their online presence, and now I'm here to assist your business in excelling in the digital realm.

I actively engage in SEO conferences to stay abreast of the latest developments, including Google's algorithm updates. This commitment ensures that I remain at the forefront of my field, equipping me to deliver remarkable outcomes for my clients by implementing proven strategies.

7+ Years of Experience

With a proven track record, RH Razu has been delivering exceptional SEO services to clients, consistently surpassing expectations.

Award Winer

Discover the award-winning expertise of RHRazu, a trusted leader in digital marketing.

Our Services

What Services We Offer

We offer comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate unique services and deliverables, precisely crafted to unlock complete funnel growth.

In-Depth SEO Audit

Discover untapped opportunities, fix critical issues, and optimize your online presence for maximum search engine visibility. Gain actionable insights and skyrocket your rankings. Don't settle for mediocre SEO - revolutionize your digital strategy now!

SEO Consulting

Unlock your website's full potential with our SEO consultation. Boost your online visibility, outrank competitors, and drive organic traffic to your business. Get personalized strategies from seasoned SEO consultants to dominate search engine results.

Global SEO

Reach audiences across continents, unlock new markets, and establish your brand as a worldwide force. From international keyword research to multilingual optimization, our expert global SEO solutions will skyrocket your visibility on a global scale.

Local SEO

Be the top choice for customers in your area, drive foot traffic to your store, and skyrocket your local business. Optimize your online presence for local searches, outrank competitors, and watch your revenue soar. Get the edge you need with our proven local SEO solutions tailored to your business.

WordPress SEO

Harness the power of WordPress and optimize your site for top search engine rankings. From keyword optimization to site speed enhancements, our WordPress SEO solutions will skyrocket your online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your business.

Technical SEO

Optimize your website's infrastructure, enhance crawling and indexing, and skyrocket your rankings. From site speed optimization to structured data implementation, our technical SEO expertise will propel your online success. Harness the power of advanced techniques and watch your website reach new heights.

Why Choose Us

We Provide The BestSEO ConsultingServices For Your Business

To be honest, there are individuals who expect SEO to work miracles. They believe that by publishing a few blog articles and acquiring a handful of backlinks, they will suddenly skyrocket to the top of Google's search results.

However, it's important to acknowledge that SEO is neither a magical solution nor an effortless task. Achieving success in SEO requires consistent and incremental progress. It's comparable to maintaining a healthy body; you don't have to run 10 miles every day, but you must keep moving forward.

That's where RH Razu comes in. Our platform is designed for individuals who are willing to put in the effort but require guidance on the specific actions to take. We aim to simplify and streamline the SEO process, making the work more manageable and accessible for our users.

DemandOriented Services

We take the pressure off of building your online presence so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is an ever-evolving, user-generated encyclopedia that counts as the most trusted resource. I can create your personal or company page if you have significant notability.

Google Knowledge Panel Creation

We can make your own resources so that Google can appear your name or your brand name on the top of the results as a Knowledge Graph when people search on Google.

Our Process

Easy Steps To Get Your Solution

We establish a vital connection between brands and their customers through all digital touch-points, creating targeted, highly relevant, and personalized experiences. Our approach is audience-led, guided by insights from data analysis.

Book A Service

Streamline your service booking experience with our efficient working process. Discover how easy it is to book a service with us, from initial consultation to final delivery. Save time, eliminate hassles, and enjoy a seamless journey towards getting the services you need. Book with us today and experience a smooth and convenient service booking process.

Learning Your Business

Effective planning and thorough preparation are vital for the success of any PPC and SEO campaign. The deeper our understanding of your business, the more effectively we can execute our work, delivering optimal results.

Discussion Call

Prepare yourself for a comprehensive team call where we will walk you through the tailored strategy designed specifically for your business. This session will provide valuable insights and outline the roadmap to achieve your business goals effectively.

Task Starting

With all details confirmed and finalized, our team springs into action immediately, working tirelessly to generate increased revenue for your business.

Clear Reporting

Rest assured, we prioritize transparency and will keep you informed every week with comprehensive updates, ensuring you are always in the loop and never left uninformed.

Check Your Growth

Finally, stay informed about your business's crystal clear progress and unlock opportunities for further expansion.


What Our Clients Saying

We establish a vital connection between brands and their customers through all digital touch-points, creating targeted, highly relevant, and personalized experiences. Our approach is audience-led, guided by insights from data analysis.

250% - Follower Growth

80% - Increase Sales

140% - Total Engagement

75% - Income growth

Fantastic Job Done by RHRazu: Digital Marketing & SEO Agency

Since implementing our SEO efforts we have seen a lot of growth.

RHRazu is highly specialized in many areas and is flexible to whatever your needs are.

Steve Prosser

CEO - Mindtech

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Discover our blog to enhance your knowledge on various topics.

Marketing Consultant

Crystal Clear& Transparency

Transparent communication and unparalleled expertise

We firmly believe in keeping you fully informed and empowered throughout your campaign, ensuring you grasp every aspect and celebrate the results achieved at each milestone.

As the leading agency in the globe, we go above and beyond, offering not just one, but three touch points for reporting, ensuring you're always in the know.


We offer a satisfied mind

No more lengthy contracts for PPC or SEO services! Say goodbye to being tied down to a 6 or 12-month agreement when you choose to work with us. At RH Razu, we believe in our ability to deliver exceptional results, which is why we never lock you into contracts.

By giving you the freedom to leave whenever you choose, we are even more motivated to provide you with an outstanding return on your investment in the shortest time possible. We'll go above and beyond to move mountains and conquer the search engine results pages (SERPs) to achieve the results you desire.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that we retain the majority of our clients for over 12 months, with many staying with us for years. Experience the difference of working with a team that prioritizes your success without the burden of long-term contracts.

Results Driven for Previous Clients

The Numbers Don't Lie

Partner with RHRazu agency you can rely on


69% increase in organic revenue

World's Leading SMM Panel

RHRazu was hired by the World’s leading giant, Famoid, to improve the visibility of their products in Google and generate more revenue.

45% increase in organic search

World's Leading Shopify Store

Padel USA reached out to RHRazu towards the starting of 2023 and was after help to increase the volume of organic sales coming through their e-commerce website.

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1500+ Free Backlinks List

1500+ Free Backlinks List

Boost your website's SEO with our exclusive giveaway: Get access to a curated list of 1500+ free backlinks sources. Elevate your online presence today!

SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist

Boost your website's visibility and rankings with our comprehensive SEO Checklist. Maximize organic traffic, improve on-page and off-page optimization, and optimize your content strategy. Follow our expert guidelines and best practices to enhance your website's performance and achieve long-term SEO success.

100+ Auto Blog Niche Research

100+ Auto Blog Niche Research

Discover the ultimate guide to dominating the auto blog niche! Uncover powerful insights and strategies in our comprehensive 100+ Auto Blog Niche Research Book. Stay ahead of the competition and drive your blog's success to new heights. Start revving up your blogging journey today.


General Questions

An SEO consultant is a professional well-versed in search engine optimization, which focuses on improving a webpage's ranking on search engines like Google. Their expertise lies in optimizing web pages to appear prominently in search results when users enter specific keywords. By employing various strategies, an SEO consultant can enhance the visibility of your business.

Given that most users tend to explore only the first few search results, achieving higher rankings is crucial. SEO consultants are skilled in leveraging both small-scale and large-scale tactics to enhance how search engines perceive a webpage.

These professionals possess a deep understanding of the fundamental elements of optimization, encompassing both on-page and off-page factors. They know how to effectively apply these elements to cater to the unique requirements of each client.