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RH Razu(Rakibul Hasan)

I am a digital marketing expert, and SEO Professional with over 7+ years of experience. I’m a passionate entrepreneur and always looking for new and innovative ways to grow my business. I think, I’m able to develop creative solutions to complex problems. I’m a great communicator, and also able to explain complex concepts in simple terms. I am a strong advocate of using digital marketing to grow businesses. I’m an active member of the startup community in Bangladesh and have mentored and advised many startups. Also, a regular speaker at events and conferences and have been featured in many publications.

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“What is your story? How did you get started?”

Early Life

I was born in the beautiful small country, Bangladesh in 1997 (though all my certs say it’s 1999). I went to a decent school called Nakla Pilot Govt. High School, then joined a college called Agricultural University College & then did my BBA in Accounting from the National University of Bangladesh. I was able to live a middle-class lifestyle.

I had a lot of friends when I was in school – and if given a chance, those are the days I would want back. Playing football or cricket without a bit of worry all day, reading storybooks in the dark damaging your eyes, good old days.

Early Entrepreneurship

I was entrepreneurial from my school days – the first business, as I remember was renting cameras to friends for pocket money which I started with a friend.

Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. Several of them had multiple businesses. Growing up, I was always thinking about what I could do to become an entrepreneur. I started news writing along with correspondence with a local news portal (shepurnews24.com) in 2013. I started my journey as a child freelance journalist. At that time, I also write for Bangladeshi biggest national news portal bdnews24.com & more. Besides I started contributing to a technology-based blog portal from the interest of my tech knowledge. At that time, I made several mini-websites & sold them for pocket money at age 17.

Not only that since then I have been an organizer and volunteered as a team leader in several voluntary organizations which have enabled me to greatly enhance my knowledge and experience in various fields. I was also awarded as the best organizer several times including Government local administration.

With the money I made, I started investing in a few other projects. But unfortunately, that never worked out; sadly, I lost all of the money I invested into it.

Then I started my career as a Distribution House Manager under the greater Mymensingh divisional distribution point at Beximco Communication Ltd. Beximco Communications Limited brought the first “Direct-to-Home” (DTH) service to provide a world-class television viewing experience to the people of Bangladesh.

After working there for more than 2 years, I quit and found a job at Sentosh IT Limited which is a leading IT Company in Bangladesh. I started my journey with Sentosh IT Limited as a Sales & Communication Manager & still working with this tremendous IT Company.

Using the sales skills I learned from selling DTH even door-to-door, I was able to lock them into a consulting gig. Realizing that I could make money and change my lifestyle by doing internet marketing for companies, I decided to make my personal branding to reach out to renowned business owners to help them grow together.

I spend most of my time now building businesses, creating content, managing a team of extremely talented people & thinking about the future.

Throughout my academic and professional career, I have never stopped learning new things till now.


Rhrazu.com has continued to be a valued resource for businesses and marketers that are looking to market their products and services online. We publish 10-20 posts monthly and also are continuously improving.

To help more people succeed with online marketing, we launched digital marketing agencies around the world to help businesses firsthand. We are now growing every day.


Though, We help enterprises and pride ourselves on helping our clients increase their revenue through our marketing and SEO tactics. Now, I am focusing on learning more & more and also trying to expand my global digital marketing consultation.

The biggest joy is when you know your work is helping someone put food on the table.

I am constantly trying to diversify and add more revenue streams to my balance sheet. Not because I need it, but because I love the game.

I hope my story inspires you to do something with your life. You don’t have to be rich to be happy. You just need to love what you do.

Above all, we should be true human beings!

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Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh


SEO Professional

About RH Razu

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at bdnews24.com & local newspaper (2013-2016)

Web Content Developer

at Local News Portal (2013-2015)

Admin Officer

at AKASH Digital TV (July 31, 2019 - October 3, 2021)

Sales & Communication Manager

at Sentosh IT Limited (March 1, 2022 to Present)

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Rakibul Hasan Razu (AKA RHRazu), a visionary and dedicated individual, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration through his exceptional contributions and groundbreaking initiatives. With unwavering determination and a passion for making a positive impact, Razu has been recognized globally for his award-winning activities in various fields.

While these accolades celebrate Rakibul Hasan Razu's achievements, he remains grounded and continues to work diligently toward his vision of a better world. His passion for making a positive impact and dedication to creating meaningful change serves as an inspiration to all, proving that with determination and compassion, one person can truly make a difference.

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Over the past 5 years, I've been on an entrepreneurial journey, building numerous businesses. While I encountered hundreds of failures along the way, I persisted and eventually achieved some significant successes that I'm proud to showcase.

You can explore my ventures by clicking on any of the logos displayed on the right. Each logo represents a unique business that I've passionately worked on to bring to life.

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We establish a vital connection between brands and their customers through all digital touch-points, creating targeted, highly relevant, and personalized experiences. Our approach is audience-led, guided by insights from data analysis.

Michael Doe
Michael Doe


We have worked with RHRazu for the past 6 months and are very pleased with their work and the results we have gotten. They are very responsive to questions / requests, and provide great customer service. Thank you guys for the help!

William Queen
William Queen


It is difficult to hire an SEO team that delivers results but that is what we have found with RHRazu. They are attentive, responsive and more importantly moves the needle to help us drive sales. Highly recommend this team of RHRazu.

Richard Doe
Richard Doe


Great experience using RHRazu. They provided results and the director of customer experience was excellent at explaining everything and helping me through the process! Highly recommend using them!

A little bit more

About Volunteerism

Founder & President of

Blood Bank Of Nakla

Blood Bank of Nakla is a non-profitable voluntary organization that was founded in 2016.

The organization started its journey to meet the urgent need for blood for helpless, distressed, and debilitated patients. Not only that but also encouraging young who are able to donate blood in need of blood for helpless unconscious patients.
Where the regular blood donation promotion campaign is ongoing.

Currently, the Organization has thousands of active blood donors who jump in for the need of blood in any situation.

Founder of

Swadhin Foundation

Swadhin Foundation is a voluntary organization formed with the aim of supporting the poor & needy people in society.

Supporting the hungry helpless people also those who are affected by the floods. Helping poor students by distributing various incentive materials. Also continuously going to participate in various development activities of the society.

Above all, the organization is committed to the welfare of the country and nation.

Why am I engaging myself in the Social Organization?

In the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, many individuals seek meaning beyond personal accomplishments. One way to discover profound joy is through active participation in social organizations. Engaging with others, whether it involves joining a charity, community group, or supporting a cause close to your heart, enriches life in countless ways. It fosters a sense of belonging, allows you to make a difference, promotes personal growth, and helps build meaningful relationships. By actively engaging with social organizations, you contribute to a cause larger than yourself, reduce stress, and experience the joy of giving back to society. That's why I always engage myself with several social volunteerism.

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"If no one weeps when I'm gone, I have no value in existence."

RH Razu