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Padel USA

Project Overview

The client aimed to enhance organic traffic within the US Padel market and establish a robust online presence. Facing previous unsuccessful efforts, they reached out to us in May 2023. Within a mere three months, we successfully elevated their monthly visitors to surpass 5,000.

Their primary objective was to boost sales of padel rackets in the USA market, leading them to seek our expertise. Their ambition is to substantially expand the distribution of padel rackets, accessories, and equipment.




358+ Keywords Ranked

200% Organic Traffic Growth

164% Increase in Revenue


We initiated our collaboration when the monthly organic traffic ranged between 2,000-3,000. The client’s frustration stemmed from prior experiences with various SEO companies in the USA, where noticeable improvements were elusive.


Embarking on a journey of gradual growth, we transformed a niche Padel racket accessories and equipment business into a thriving success story. Within a year, monthly earnings escalated from $50 to $2,000. While maintaining confidentiality, we delve into our strategic approach and the meticulous SEO plan that propelled the PadelUSA Shopify store to new heights.

Website Overview:
Featuring approximately 30 collection pages and 70 individual Padel rackets and accessories, our website doesn’t fit the micro-niche category but revolves around a specific Padel niche. With numerous product categories and brands, there’s a diverse range of subjects to explore.

Our SEO Strategy:

  1. Technical SEO Audit:

    • Identified and resolved technical issues, including robot.txt and crawling issues, through a comprehensive technical SEO audit.
  2. Collection and Product Page Optimization:

    • Organized products logically with clear titles and images.
    • Implemented relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, and headings for better search visibility.
    • Ensured easy navigation for visitors and provided concise product descriptions and high-quality images.
    • Used prominent calls-to-action for better user engagement.
  3. Finding Easy-to-Rank Keywords:

    • Utilized tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush to discover low-competition keywords.
    • Focused on longer, specific phrases and explored Google’s suggestions.
    • Incorporated local keywords and addressed topics not extensively covered by competitors.
  4. Using Easy Keywords to Boost Authority:

    • Added low-difficulty keywords to the content strategy to increase website authority.
    • Integrated keywords naturally into high-quality, informative content to attract relevant organic traffic.
  5. Starting a Blog Section:

    • Established a blog section for audience engagement, showcasing expertise, and boosting site authority.
    • Consistently published high-quality, informative, and shareable content.
    • Encouraged interaction through comments and social sharing to build a community around the blog.
  6. Improving SEO with Canonical URLs:

    Implemented canonical URL optimization to fix duplicate content issues, enhance SEO value, and boost search engine rankings.

  7. Competitive Analysis: Our competitors, including padelspecialist.dk, tennisonly.com, padeljp.com, squashop.lv, and Padelreference.com, were carefully analyzed. Despite their extensive industry experience, our strategic SEO approach enabled us to compete and surpass expectations.

In just three months, we turned frustration into satisfaction for our client, witnessing a significant increase in organic traffic. Our holistic SEO strategy, encompassing technical improvements, keyword optimization, and content enhancement, propelled the PadelUSA Shopify store to a prominent position within the competitive Padel market.

Outstanding Outcomes

Achieving remarkable success from the start of the campaign until the end of May, the SEO traffic has surged by an impressive 502.87%. This surge in traffic is complemented by a significant revenue increase of 163.28%, reflecting the effectiveness of our strategic SEO approach.

The overall search visibility has witnessed exponential growth, evident in the substantial increase in impressions and clicks recorded in Google Search Console. This notable uptick in visibility further underscores the positive impact of our comprehensive SEO strategy on the client’s online presence and business performance.

Keword Ranking

More than 3 hundred + (Top 3) keywords ranked


Increased Organic Traffic

Achieved a 200% increase in organic traffic within a few months



Revenue Generated

Sold to 105% New Customers



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