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Written by RH Razu
Written by RH Razu


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Savoy & Partners specializes in providing citizenship and residency services to individuals seeking dual citizenship through strategic investments. They partnered with Nexa to enhance their online visibility and drive more traffic to their website. This was crucial due to challenges with their website’s performance and the fiercely competitive nature of their industry. To meet their objectives, we devised a comprehensive content strategy, focusing on valuable keywords, off-page activities, and domain authority enhancement. We also optimized the website, resolving technical issues to boost organic traffic.


    • Boost organic traffic, increase website search visibility, and enhance keyword rankings to generate more leads. Challenges:
    • Difficulty in targeting competitive generic keywords.
    • Website loading problems impacting keyword rankings and bounce rates.
    • Challenges related to a new website launch and URL structure changes affecting indexing and current keyword rankings.
    • Intense competition in the industry with numerous authoritative websites vying for organic traffic and search visibility.
    • Multiple redirect issues for altered URLs.
    • Keyword cannibalization concerns.
    • Crawling and indexing challenges.


  • Development of a content and blog strategy, incorporating article titles optimized for high-value keywords.
  • Implementation of backlinking and off-page activities to accelerate article distribution and enhance domain and page authority.
  • Identification of optimization opportunities, along with recommendations for improving generic keyword performance.
  • Facilitation of organic traffic growth through technical enhancements and website updates.
  • Regular refreshing of keyword lists and page optimization to improve rankings.


  • 43% increase in organic traffic year on year over the first 12 months
  • 51% increase in organic users year on year over the first 12 months
  • 22% increase in clicks over the last six months
  • 81% increase in impressions over the last six months
  • 96% increase in overall goals year on year in the first 12 months
  • 5.69 million impressions in the last 16 months
  • 500+ keywords are ranking on the first page of Google
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